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The most recent buzz in the world of hair styling and straightening is the Brazilian keratin hair remedy. Discovered to be a much healthier various to the Japanese hair straightening treatment, plenty of ladies have opted for this procedure and found their hair to be more healthy and much easier to take care of. Another factor to keep in mind is that some therapies require that you do not disturb the hair in any way for about 2-3 days. This means no washing and even getting the hair wet, no ponytails, hair clips or any type of hair accent; not even tucking the hair behind your ears for 3 straight days whereas the solution works its miracle. After the period beneficial by your hairdresser, you'll be able to wash the hair with the desired shampoo to see the results; however you do should spend a few days with greasy, plain hair, lest you 'dent' them. However, if waiting isn't possible for you, search for salons that supply 'no-wait' keratin treatments - they're equally effective. This is the very first thing that the salon professionals will inform you. Water washes away the protein and leaves marks within the hair. Doing so permits the keratin to fuse into the hair shafts, and thus helps, in maintaining longevity of the therapy. Do not shampoo or go for swimming for no less than three days after the treatment. This also implies that you can not sweat it out in a fitness center for the required period. Hair will finally return to its pretreatment state. For smoothing curly frizzy hair without warmth read about the Cold Smoothing Remedy. Be sure you maintain the dryer at a distance of a minimum of four - 5 inches, in any other case your hair may get burnt. Continue blow drying a section of hair until it's fully straightened. Brush and de-tangle your hair prior to washing The Brazilian Blowout is great to carry out when someone is attempting to move away from having relaxers or Japanese straighteners. It puts movement back into the hair, permitting the hair to look its best. Q. Can I obtain a Brazilian Blowout if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding? Q. How quickly can I obtain a Brazilian Blowout remedy after I obtain my first treatment? There are various hair salons in North Dallas offering Keratin Blowout. You need to, nevertheless, discover simply the appropriate one for you. Preferably, you've got chosen AALAM The Salon. Our Professionals are in a position to present not only the very best haircut, hair shade, highlights but additionally Brazilian keratin hair therapies performed correctly. After all, keratin hair therapy are very much in demand in hair salons in Dallas.